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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For a highly mobile person, this mobile phone is very much worth it to put in the shopping cart. HTC HD 2 has all the best technology you can think of with a tempting design too.

This windows mobile has 1GHz processing power, so you can forget about hanging problems or long time loading when browsing or processing files. Its connectivity and reception power are extremely stunning, 7.2 mbps of downloading speed and 2 mbps of uploading speed can really help a highly mobile business person. With 512MB ROM and 448 MB RAM it also eliminates navigation troubles while supporting large applications in the same time.

HD 2 really takes multimedia phone into the next level, it supports almost every file formats, latest version of blutooth technology that provides enhanced data transfer rate, GPS support with internal antenna which pretty useful for the people who travel a lot, and don't forget about its large screen - 4.3 inches with great touchscreen ability.

And for addition, HTC HD 2 also has a great 5 MP camera with auto-focus & dual LED flashlight, so it can also support your photography hobby.


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