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Microsoft Windows 7

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's time to say goodbye to Vista and all its weaknesses, because this year Microsoft will release their new promising operating system - Microsoft Windows 7. Looking at the Beta it seems that this new operating system will fix a lot of problems with Vista. Here are the new functions :

> Improved task bar with full screen preview.
Very helpful for users who use to open on average of 7 - 15 windows at once.
> Jump Lists
An easy way to open recent files or files you want to access often.
> New User Interface
New copy and paste features, more open, re-size, close, maximize, arrange
windows options - but still with the familiar windows look
> Internet Explorer 8
This new Explorer in Microsoft Windows 7 has Some new functions too, such as;
o Accelerators
Highlight text or info from a page and select from a number of online
services like address look up and
o Web slices
Which monitors changes to websites like weather, sport scores etc.
> Improved Device Management
> Home Group
A comfortable way to setup a home network. It's very simple to share files,
videos or music with more security.
> Faster and increased performance
> Extended battery life for laptops and portable devices
> Action Center to sort problems easier
> Windows Touch
Enables touchscreen devices
> Improved Voice and Handwriting recognition

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait a little bit more because Microsoft will launch Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on October 22 this year.


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