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Secret Agent Pen Camcorder

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna play James Bond or undercover cop? Let me introduce you to this awesome secret agent pen camcorder with audio. Just put it in your pocket, put it in a pen cup or just put it on the desk and you can then capture people’s move and record their voices without their notice, that’s cool isn’t it ?

It has 2GB of memory – for that you get approximately 5 hours of recording time, and after your recording finished simply transfer the data to your PC or Notebook via USB. The colour video is encoded on the fly through a buffer system to MPEG 4 and if the battery runs low during a recording session the pen will ensure it writes the video from the buffer to flash before shutting down. And one more thing, you can still use this pen to write just like an ordinary pen.

Secret Agent Pen Camcorder other features:

* Improved Colour CMOS sensor White Balance Adjust Focus Range: 150mm~Infinity
* Format: MPEG4 –AVI
* Frame Rate: 15fps
* Audio Format: 128kbps PCM Audio
* Power Source: USB Charging -Internal Battery
* Built In Microphone: Max Audio Range 10 Meters
* Dimension: 148mm (L) x 16mm (Diameter)

The price for this Secret Agent Pen Camcorder is $219.00


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