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Dual LCD Camera

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Samsung releases two new dual LCD cameras TL220 and TL225. One thing different about these cameras are they have a 1.5" mini LCD in front of the cameras, very useful for those who like to make a photo of themselves.

these Dual LCD cameras have 12.2 megapixel sensors with 4.6x optical zoom capable of 720p quality video recording. The only difference between these two cameras are TL225 has 3.5" rear LCD which is larger than TL220.

The front camera have lots of functions beside making a nice self portrait. In child mode, it will play certain animation that attracts a child's attention. Shutter info ensures that the subjects are smiling when you take their picture, the front LCD will display a smiley face and lets the objects know you're ready to take picture. The front LCD also provides a visual readout of key camera settings. When you take a picture with self-timer, it will show picture preview and also a visual countdown timer so you will know exactly when the photo will be taken.

These dual LCD cameras have 27mm wide angle lens and a touch screen back LCD. Advanced dual image stabilization allows you to capture crystal‑clear, blur-free images. Smart auto feature ensures you to have perfect pictures as it analyzes key elements to make good pictures such as color, brightness, motion etc.

There are still a lot of useful features that these cameras have like perfect portrait system, smart touch shooting, face recognition,beauty shot and more.. dual LCD cameras are high tech cameras and very recommended for inexperienced or amateur photographer as the features they have could really help to capture better images.


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