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Why Cry Baby Analyzer

Friday, August 21, 2009

Having a baby in the house would be a blessing for some couples especially for those who have waited a long time to have their first child. But sometimes having the first baby could be troubles for young and inexperienced couple when the baby starts screaming and never stop crying. The only way a baby communicates with the parents is through a cry, when a baby wants or needs something the baby will cry until the parents can give what the baby needs. It could be frustrating for young parents because they don't know the meaning of a baby cry.

For those who experience that situation this gadget could be the tool of their dream. This cool gadget called the "Why Cry Baby Analyzer", this gadget is equipped with an advanced frequency analysis technology to help you monitor your baby and gives prediction why your baby cries. It would take only 20 minutes to tell you whether your baby is hungry, bored, annoyed or sleepy through an LCD screen. Why cry baby analyzer is also comes with a Velcro strap.

If you think you need this helpful gadget, why cry baby analyzer is available on the market for $99.99


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