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Ion Tailgater iPod Audio System

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ion Tailgater is more than just an audio system for your iPod, The Tailgater has an integrated dock for your iPod so you can play your tunes easily, and you can also plug in the included microphone and your guitar, keyboard, CD player, and other audio sources.

It features single unit construction speakers, amplifier, audio inputs, and a dock for iPod all in one box. one of the features that makes it perfect for the parties is an enhanced bass output which creates full and rich sound.

Here are the features of Ion Tailgater :

* Single-unit sound system for full, rich sound
* Dock for iPod fits most docking models
* Inputs for microphone and other audio sources
* Heavy-duty construction with carry handle
* Built-in, eight-hour battery with level indicator
* High-quality microphone included

Ion Tailgater iPod Audio System is sold for the price $189.99


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