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Rave T-Shirt

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This T-Shirt has an electro luminescent panel that is flashing as the music beats. The best thing is, it's actually activated by sound and each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar. It's gonna make you look like a walking equalizer !.

The lights powered by a battery pack (4*AAA batteries) which hidden in an inside pocket and connected to the EL panel with a connector cable which can be unplugged in case you want to wash the shirt.

There are certain rules to be obey in using this rave T-Shirt. Don't bend or apply pressure to the flashing panel, do not submerge any part of the flash panel - I guess you cannot wear this T-Shirt in a pool party unless you're pretty sure your friends won't throw you into the water, and please remove the panel and the battery pack before washing.

So if you party animals want to have this flashing rave T-Shirt, it will cost you about $31.82 and you'll be ready to hit the dance floor.


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